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Online music studio with a relaxed and positive learning environment for beginners, young, and the young at heart.  Through engaging activities, Out of the Music Box Studio nurtures creativity and imagination.  We take the mystery out of music making- join us for an enjoyable learning journey!

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Save time and gas! No more wasting time on the road. Home is always where your lessons will be.

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No more worrying about taking all the kids along with you, or finding a babysitter. Parents can be getting things done in the house while a lesson is in progress.

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Some children may be timid in a new environment. Online lessons can alleviate some anxieties because they are learning in their own familiar surroundings.

Benefits Our Students Experience ...


Have you imagined yourself playing your favorite songs on the piano, or even writing your own music?

Read some of our students’ happy experiences.

Miss Lee is compassionate, caring, and always enthusiastic about teaching.  I love working with Ms Lee because she always make me smile and I learn in a fun but effective way.  With Ms Lee I have learned how to play music with emotion and phrasing.  I now understand how to make a piece of music come to life.  I also really enjoy learning to write songs in theory class.  It is great to be able to learn music while having fun!


My biggest breakthrough from working with Sabrina is learning how to be aware of my body when playing the piano.  I now play each note with care and intention, and not just merely hitting the notes.  This has increased my joy in playing and in the entire learning process.  She is professional, intuitive and creative, personalizing her teaching for each student with a holistic approach.


What I love about my lessons with Sabrina is that I am finally comprehending the theory behind the music I play, and I am now playing with both hands!  Her enthusiasm and love of music is contagious.  She is patient with students and a skilled teacher.  If you are looking to work with Sabrina, you will not be disappointed.  Give it a try!


Having music lessons with Ms Lee was something I look forward to every week.  She makes the classes enjoyable even when the lessons get a bit challenging.  She motivates and relates to you in ways that inspire you to work harder and reach your goals.


About me​

Sabrina Lee Out of the Music Box

About me​

Sabrina Lee has managed a private piano studio since 2002. She teaches piano, music theory, harmony, composition, music history, as well as coaches vocal students. She holds a diploma from London’s Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in Piano Pedagogy.  She is also an active member of the MTNA, Music Teachers National Association, and is a National Certified Teacher of Music.  As one of the founding teachers of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, Miss Lee has helped numerous students succeed in its internationally recognized music examination program.

Sabrina aims to create for her students a comfortable, positive and non-judgmental environment to express themselves and their creativity in.  It is very important to Sabrina that each student grows into a well-rounded, confident musician, proficient in techniques and exposed to various genres.

Besides being a passionate teacher, Sabrina is also a freelance pianist who has performed throughout North America.  She has also given lectures and performances in music studios of her colleagues.

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Recurring Monthly Lesson Subscription


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